Hướng dẫn sao lưu bookmark từ google chrome và cốc cốc


Best Decision Ever.

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BSU is recognized as one of the best regional state universities in the Midwest, and for good reason.

Education That Works.

We offer over 65 majors with built-in opportunities for real-world experience.


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Get your fight tuy nhiên ready. All our teams play to lớn win — from NCAA DI hockey lớn club-team rugby.

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Stay connected through regional and annual events, social gatherings and alumni programs và publications.


Creating the Future.

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Gifts to lớn BSU help fund scholarships, student recruitment, faculty research and capital improvements.

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Keep up with the latest news about student success, faculty achievement and university advancement.

Use this info to backup or restore your Chrome bookmarks.

You can use the exported file to backup your bookmarks or import them khổng lồ a another browser session or computer.

From the Bookmark manager, click the Organize button and choose Export Bookmarks to HTML file… 
Save your HTML file to your Documents thư mục for safe keeping.
To restore your bookmarks khổng lồ your browser, follow the above steps, but Click Import Bookmarks from HTML file… from the Organize menu.Browse lớn your Documents thư mục to locate your bookmark file và import.
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