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"Windows Explorer has stopped working" is an error prompt that prevents you from accessing & managing the files or folders on your computer or external storage devices. Given the frequency we use Windows Explorer, it"s necessary khổng lồ fix "Windows Explorer has stopped working" as soon as possible. If you have lost any files due to this error, you can retrieve your data using Data Recovery Wizard if you need to.

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Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Update clip DriverOpen Device Manager > Expand "Display adapters" > Right-click graphics thẻ driver...Full steps
Fix 2. Run System file CheckerRun Command Prompt as Administrator > Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth...Full steps
Fix 3. Check Startup IssueGo to Settings > "Update & Security" > "Recovery" > Choose "Restart now"...Full steps
Fix 4. Always Show IconsOpen tệp tin Explorer > "View" > "Options" > Under View, kiểm tra "Always show icons, never thumbnails"...Full steps
For More FixesRun antivirus, clear log, demo ram memory, perform system restore to resolve this issue (in Fix 5, 6, 7, & 8) ...Full steps

About "Windows Explorer has stopped working"


Windows Explorer navigates you khổng lồ hard drives and displays the contents of folders. Windows Explorer (or tệp tin Explorer) is automatically launched at any time you mở cửa a thư mục in the Windows operating system. But most of the time, we tend to xuất hiện it from the shortcuts in the Start menu, Taskbar, My Computer (This PC in Windows 10), Windows folder, etc.

Windows Installer has stopped workingWindows Explorer/File Explorer (Not Responding)

Like "File Explorer hangs in Windows 10", "File Explorer won"t open", and "File Explorer opens and closes immediately", These errors all imply that file Explorer has crashed. Why Windows tệp tin Explorer has stopped working? Generally, the following issues may cause the error:

The clip driver on your computer is outdated or corruptedSome of the system files on your computer are missing or corruptedSome applications or startup services running are conflicted with Windows ExplorerThe file you try to open or manage is corruptedYour computer is attacked by a virut or malware

According khổng lồ the possible causes below, you have five corresponding solutions khổng lồ fix "Windows Explorer has stopped working". Besides, there are additional workable ways lớn solve the problem. 

8 Ways khổng lồ Fix "Windows Explorer has stopped working" in Windows 11/10/8/7

In most of the cases, the users, including you probably, who encountered the issue "Windows Explorer has stopped working" don"t know what the specific cause is. Therefore, follow the methods below one-by-one to identify the issue & fix it with ease.

Method 1. Update video Driver

Corrupt or outdated đoạn clip driver has been a proven reason for Windows tệp tin Explorer to stop working. Lớn determine whether the issue results from the problematic đoạn clip driver, all you need to vì chưng is khổng lồ update the video clip driver on your PC.

Step 1. Right-click on "This PC" và go lớn "Manage" > "Device Manager".

Step 2. Expand "Display adapters", right-click on the graphics card driver and choose "Update driver".

Step 3. In the new windows, click "Search automatically for updated driver software" to lớn continue.


Method 2. Run System file Checker Tool

Since "Windows Explorer has stopped working" may be caused by missing or corrupted system files, you can run the System file Checker tool that helps to kiểm tra and repair problematic system files và fix the issue.

Step 1. Click "Start" and type cmd.

Step 2. Right-click "Command Prompt" & choose "Run as administrator".

Step 3. Enter the following command lines in order. (The DISM command is used lớn make a Windows image to protect your data.)

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealthsfc /scannow

Step 4. Restart the computer and kiểm tra whether the problem persists.

Method 3. Boot Your PC into Safe Mode to kiểm tra Startup Issues

Safe Mode starts your computer with only necessary drives và services. By doing so, it limits your Windows operations to basic functions, which can serve as a troubleshooting function. There are several ways you can apply to boot your computer into safe mode. Here we will show you how to get to safe mode from Settings. (The following steps requires you to restart your computer. Thus, mở cửa this article on another device in order to lớn refer to lớn it và complete the operations.)

Step 1. Click "Start" > "Settings" > "Update và Security" > "Recovery".

Step 2. In the Advanced startup section, choose "Restart now".

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Step 3. Then your computer will restart khổng lồ the "Choose an option" screen, go to lớn "Troubleshoot" > "Advanced options" > "Startup Settings" > "Restart".

Step 4. After your PC restart, you can choose the safe mode to boot your computer into.


If Windows tệp tin Explorer works fine in safe mode, it"s highly likely a startup thành tựu or third-party application is causing Windows tệp tin Explorer to lớn stop working. To identify what the issue is, you can uninstall the application you recently installed or disable startup services by following the steps below:

Step 1. Press "Windows + R" and enter msconfig.

Step 2. In the System Configuration window, switch khổng lồ the "Services" tab.

Step 3. Check "Hide all Microsoft services" và click "Disable all" > "Apply" > "OK".


Check whether "Windows Explorer has stopped working" still exists after each method. By doing so, you can find the cause và solve the problem using the corresponding fix.

Method 4. Enable "Always show icons, never thumbnails"

Windows Explorer may stop working due to lớn the files you are trying to mở cửa is corrupted. This always occurs when you attempt to open image files on your computer. To fix it, you can enable the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails". 

On Windows 10 và Windows 8:

Step 1. Xuất hiện "This PC" và switch to lớn the "View" tab.

Step 2. Click "Options" & click the "View" tab.

Step 3. Check the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" và click "Apply" > "OK".


On Windows 7:

Step 1. Xuất hiện "Computer" and go to lớn "Organize" > "Folder and search options".

Step 2. Switch khổng lồ the "View" tab and kiểm tra the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails".

Step 3. Click "Apply" > "OK".

Method 5. Remove vi khuẩn or Malware Infections

Besides common causes, virus or malware infection may cause your Windows Explorer from stopped working. Khổng lồ remove any possible virut or malware, run the antivirus software on your computer.

Step 1. Install và run antivirus software on your PC.

Step 2. San the whole computer hard drive và remove the vi khuẩn or unknown malware.

Step 3. Restore lost files removed by antivirus software.

The antivirus software may delete some vital files on your computer. If it"s so, you can use free data recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard to lớn get back the deleted files immediately.