A city you want to visit in the future

Describe a town or thành phố where you would like to live sầu in the future

Describe a town or thành phố where you would lượt thích to live sầu in the future


Describe a town or city where you would lượt thích khổng lồ live sầu in the futureWhere is it?How you know about this cityWhat it is famous for?Why you would like khổng lồ be there?

Sample Answer 1

IntroductionAlthough I have sầu visited many cities, there is one đô thị which has a special meaning for me.And I have planned lớn settle over there.

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Where is it?The thành phố is in Canada,Its name is Toronkhổng lồ. It falls under Ontario province.How you know about this city?My brother stays in this đô thị.He had come here as a student, but now he is settled over here.I visited Toronto đô thị lớn participate in the convocation ceremony of my brother when he had passed his graduation.During that time, I travelled lớn every nook và corner of this đô thị.What it is famous for?Toronlớn thành phố is famous for its skyscrapers, crowded streets and a popular waterfront skyline.Apart from this, another thing which makes it popular is its cosmopolichảy environment.Why you would lượt thích to be there?The prominent reason for settling down in Toronkhổng lồ is its climate.Since my childhood, I love the cold climate.And there is no denying that the temperature in Toronkhổng lồ remains cold for most of the year.The second reason for shifting khổng lồ Toronto lớn for me is the earning potential in this thành phố.My skill mix is in huge demvà in this đô thị.That’s why finding a plum job would be an easy task for me.Moreover, the salary package offered over here is better as compared khổng lồ other big cities.Lastly, I love sầu the layout and cultural environment of this đô thị.Being an extrovert person, I love sầu khổng lồ interact with people from different cultures.Due lớn all these reasons, I have sầu planned khổng lồ settle in Toronkhổng lồ for greener pastures.

Sample Answer 2

IntroductionBeing a voracious traveller, I have sầu travelled to various cities. Most of these cities are worthwhile for travelling purposes. However, there is one đô thị that has caught my attention. And I would lượt thích to spkết thúc the balance of my life over there.

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Where is it?The thành phố name is Thimpu. It is the capital of Bhurã.How vì you know about this city?Last year I got the opportunity khổng lồ visit this city on a study tour.What it is famous for?This thành phố is famous for its clean and pristine environment. The central focus of the higher authorities of this city is to reduce the carbon footprint. Due to lớn this initiative, it is a city with a lower level of air pollution. Because of this reason, a large no of people visit this place lớn relax under the arms of nature,Why you would lượt thích lớn be there?Being a nature-loving person, I would spend the rest of my life in the natural surroundings of Thimpu city. Instead of a briông chồng và mortar house, I will stay in a wooden accommodation amidst the lush green surroundings.Apart from this, I will engage in wildlife photography. The forest area in Bhutung is massive. I will make full use of it and clichồng photographs of various wild animals.Moreover, I will learn about Bhutanese culture and cuisine. As there is no denying this conviction that the best way to get knowledge of a nation is khổng lồ interact with the native population, therefore I will spover a sizeable portion of my stay in Thimpu, in the company of the locals.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to lớn cue card “Describe a town or thành phố where you would lượt thích lớn live sầu in the future”.1. Why vì chưng more & more people live sầu in the city?Although countryside areas provide innumerable benefits, more people live in the thành phố because of better educational, entertainment & medical facilities. There is no denying this conviction that most of the cities have prestigious schools và colleges for better education. And, malls và amusement parks for entertainment. Last but not least multispeciality hospitals are also there for world-class treatment for various ailments.

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2. What are some factors that attract people to lớn settle down in certain places?Numerous factors attract people khổng lồ settle down in certain places. The first và foremost is safety. The places with less crime have sầu more people. Apart from this, the climate is also an important factor. People find it extremely difficult khổng lồ live sầu in a too hot và too cold climate. Therefore places with moderate climates grab more attention from the people. Lastly, earning opportunities too is an important factor. The places with limited avenues lớn earn many have less population. Whereas cities with higher earning potential have sầu more population3. What are the differences between the young & old when choosing where khổng lồ live?Young people prefer to lớn live in a thành phố with hustle & bustle. They prefer those cities which have higher earning potential coupled with good entertainment facilities lượt thích multiplexes, malls, food courts và amusement parks.On the other hvà, old people prefer a life with less disturbance. They find extreme pleasure in spending their life in the arms of nature. Therefore they prefer places with a clean and pristine environment.

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