Fix account not inthis store

Facing trương mục Not in This Store Error on phầm mềm Store for iPhone, iPad, & Mac OS. Here are the Best Solutions to Fix the Error on your iOS & macOS PC.

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Step 2. Scroll down và Sign-out  of the app store và Sign-in Again.


Step 4. Here tap on Change Country or Region option.


Step 5. Here Scroll down và select the Country (for kiểm tra purpose I selected Korea)



Method 2. Change Location in iPhone Settings

Your iCloud or iTunes account is locked with your geolocation for security purposes. If you are facing these issues while traveling or staying in a place other than your home, try changing the country or region for your app Store & iTunes account.

Open ‘Device Settings‘ on your phone.Click on your Apple ID.Now select the ‘Media và purchases‘ option.
Tap on the Country/Region tab.Select on the ‘Change Country or Region‘ option.Select your new location. (Make sure the changes made a match with your billing address too.)Next, click on, Agree.Enter a new payment method with your current address as your billing address and click on the Next button.

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And that’s how you change your location on the phầm mềm Store. The changes made will be applied to lớn both your iTunes and App Store accounts.

Method 3: Update Settings Through iTunes Mac

iTunes can fix most of your problems with iPhone and iPad devices. If iTunes trương mục services are not working correctly & throwing you tài khoản Not on This Store, phầm mềm Store Error from time to lớn time, you can fix it with iTunes. Here’s how:

Open iTunes on your mac and sign in to lớn your hãng apple ID account.Go to lớn Account và select the ‘My Account‘ option from the đứng top of the window or click on Store optionIf applicable, enter your Apple IDPassword.Now, select the ‘Change Country or Region‘ option located at the right corner on the information page.
Select your new country or region from the menu & click on ‘Change‘.
Next, tap on Continue.Click on ‘Agree‘ khổng lồ Apple’s privacy policy.Finally, enter a valid payment method và billing address for your new country, và you are all done.Tips Before Changing Your Country/Region SettingsSpend all your store credits before changing the location as it is associated with your Country/region.Backup your device to lớn iTunes.Cancel all subscriptions. You must subscribe lớn them again with your new billing address.Download all your past purchases.If you are added khổng lồ any Family Sharing Group, leave the group before changing the country/region settings.

What to bởi if you Can’t Change the Country?

This is another scenario that basically occurs if you are a member of any family sharing plan. In this case, you can either ask the Family plan organizer to change the country và region or leave the group, as mentioned in the previous section.

However, if you have already dealt with the family sharing plan và still can’t change your country, then this means there might be still some credit left on your account. Make sure you spend the entire balance and try again later.

Extra Tips

Although this error mostly seems related to lớn your geographical region, “Country or Region, if all the above-mentioned methods prove khổng lồ be failures for you, you can try out the following.

Check for system updates.Make sure you have enough space on your device to lớn install the desired app

Contact táo Care: In the last place, if everything falls in your case, the only idle option left is to tương tác Apple Care và take genuine advice from the professionals.


I hope this article has helped you overcome the ‘Account Not in this Store‘ error. If you are lucky enough, then toggling your Wi-Fi must resolve the issue. However, if it doesn’t, try out the next three methods. Và don’t forget to apply the mentioned tips if you will update your Country/Region settings in your táo ID. If this doesn’t help you out, let us know about your issue in more detail khổng lồ come up with a more reliable solution khổng lồ your problem.